Why & How


There are a lot of people who claim to be a Christian.  They’re making pages on Facebook, anonymous accounts on Twitter, and writing books.  But, if you’re like me, you’re not too big on liking/following/reading from someone who doesn’t line up with what you believe.  I’m not talking about every little detail, because we all have opinions on scriptures that we as humans cannot fathom.  I’m talking about people taking a commandment from God’s Word, and twisting it so that it fits their lifestyle.  Unfortunately, people of that manner are all over the place, it seems.  The internet is starting to control our lives– it’s everywhere in America.  There’s no stopping it, so I figured– why not use it for the good?  I started looking around for good, consistent bloggers who shared the same views as I {an Independent Baptist}; but unfortunately, they were very scarce.  I didn’t create this blog to shove my denomination down your throat {although I am proud to be a Baptist}, but to spread the love of Christ the way it should be spread.  I also wanted to create it to tell girls my age that {believe it or not!} God has expectations for we as His children.  It is so heartbreaking to go into the public world today and see rebellion, hatred, bitterness, immodesty, and wickedness being pumped into our brains.  We need to stand firm, and keep walking the narrow path.


I’m strictly and unapologetically a girly-girl.  I knew there were plenty of free blogger sites available, so the first thing I really looked for was modern, flexible themes that I could personalize.  I looked at a few famous sites, but WordPress seemed to stick out to me as far as for what I was looking for.

So after I decided on WordPress, I had to pick out a name.  Now, I know “The Proverbs Girl” isn’t very original, but when I do things, I like to do it RIGHT THEN.  Proverbs 31 Girl was taken, and so were all the other names that had “Proverbs 31” incorporated.  So, I just settled on “The Proverbs Girl”– it is the book of wisdom, right? *chuckles*.


So, there you have it.  Why and How I made this blog.  I hope that anyone who comes in contact with it will be helped and encouraged.  I want people to know that anything I cause in a positive way isn’t ME.. it’s HIM.  I love writing, and I love serving God!


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