My Testimony

If you’ve read my “About the Blogger” page, you know that I have not only been raised in a Christian home, but a Pastor’s home all of my life.  I was “born on a church pew” many people might put it– I was attending church 9 months before I was even born.  I knew what being a Christian was, I knew how to act.  I had seen people get saved and “get in”, and I’ve also seen people “get out”.  I made a profession of getting saved when I was 6 years old.  My parents were so excited, considering I am their youngest child.  After making a false profession at 6 years old, I got dunked {can’t be baptized and lost!} and went on with my act.  Although at the time I truly thought I had made things right, I wasn’t ready.

About four or five years passed, and my dad felt as if it was God’s will to relocate churches.  He felt as if it was God’s will to be the Head Pastor of a church {he was Assistant Pastor when I was 6 years old}.  So we changed churches.  I met new people, made new friends, did the whole ordeal.  I was constantly battling my Salvation deep inside.  The older I got, the harder my heart got towards spiritual things.  My pride had taken over, and I was not about to chunk it.

A few more years passed.  I was 13 years old.  My family was constantly asking if I was really saved, considering that my attitude was as rotten as my bitterness towards spirituality.  I couldn’t wait to make my own choices.  I knew how to play the act well, though.  I was singing in church, I was the “good girl”– the Sunday School teacher’s favorite student– I knew my memory verse every week, always had my homework in on time.  I was so broken and bitter on the inside, though.  I hated my life– not because of anyone else but me, although I tried blaming everyone but myself.  I had a horrible attitude towards my parents and any other authority in my life.  I was constantly ruining my reputation as a Pastor’s daughter with my attitude.  I was confused as to what I wanted in life– was I really a good person, or was I just putting on a front?

When I turned 14, I was really searching.  I didn’t know what I wanted in life, and I just wanted to be liked and accepted.  We became friends with another church, and we started to attend special meetings with them.  I made new friends, and loved being loved.  There were times when I really did try to be good, but it seemed as if nothing was working out.

Time passed, I won’t put my age {for privacy reasons, you understand}.  Our “friend church” hosted a meeting with Dr. Sammy Allen.  Many people think he is a bit charismatic, but now I look to him as if he is my “Grandpa in Christ”.  He’s a lovable elderly man who preaches truth, is all.

Monday Night came… I stayed in my seat.

Tuesday Night came… I stayed in my seat.

{I attended my own church on Wednesday}

Thursday Night came… I stayed in my seat.

But before Thursday night ended, my siblings and I were asked to sing {we are a mixed quartet}.  I cannot even begin to describe to you the conviction I felt.  If you’ve ever been there, then you know it.  I was literally breaking a sweat, and shaking like crazy.  Dr. Allen looked me straight in the eye, and asked me this:

Pretty lady, what did you come here for tonight? 

I was floored.  While trying to swallow the lump in my throat, I asked him to repeat himself {trying to act as if I didn’t hear him the first time}.  He asked me the same exact question once again.  Do you know what my answer was?  “Oh, I’m just happy to be here!”  WOW.  I had so much pride that I didn’t even know what to do with it!  He looked at me as if he knew I was lying, and told the Pastor of the church to continue on with the service.  A man in the auditorium requested that the men pray with him before my siblings and I sang for the last time.  “Thank God!”  I thought to myself.  I was trying my very hardest to get my dad’s attention.  I was scared to death– convicted to the point of sickness.  The tears were running down my face, and I knew what was happening– I was convicted.  I had never had a feeling such as that before.  When I was 6, I only wanted to go to Heaven– I didn’t know what I was really doing.  So, my dad was obviously hard of hearing that night, because it took a few times of calling “Dad… dad… DAD!” before I got his attention.  He finally looked towards my way, and asked me what was wrong.  I said “I’m not saved!”  Now picture all of this happening in front of over 100 people in a church building.  He knelt by me at the altar, and listened to me beg God for forgiveness.  After I prayed, I had never felt so relieved in my life.  I’m so thankful that I put my pride behind me, and did what was right.

It’s been two years now, and life has had its ups and downs.. but God has been faithful.  I’m so happy that He was willing to forgive me– a rebellious, bitter, hateful teenage preacher’s daughter.  If He was willing to save me, He will definitely save you!

For once in my life, I feel free.  

Want to feel free?  Visit the “Salvation” page and find out how to get it!

I created this blog to tell others that they can have what I have.  I have more peace than I’ve ever had before.  If any of you struggle with your salvation, I encourage you to talk to your pastor and his wife.  Your pride might tell you that they’ll look at you differently, but they’ll still love you.  It is all worth it.  Life is short, but eternity isn’t.  Don’t miss out on the good life.


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