Holiness vs. Cleanliness {Guest Post}


Being holy is uncool.  Most Christians want to live clean, moral, God-fearing lives.  Just, don’t ask me to be holy, OK?  I might have to give up some stuff.

Living clean means I don’t watch trashy TV and movies.  Living holy means I don’t watch anythingthat I couldn’t invite Jesus over to watch with me.

Living clean means I’m a staunch conservative and I stand against abortion and “anything Obama came up with”.  Living holy means I pray for my president’s salvation and refuse to give in to idle gossip and hate-mongering.

Living clean means I don’t read romance novels with questionable scenes.  Living holy means I don’t read “Christian” romance where the characters are still hanging all over each other and behaving inappropriately.

Living clean means I don’t listen to rap, hip-hop, metal, or anything with sinful lyrics.  Living holy means I don’t listen to any music that I turn off when I see another church member next to me at the stop light.  (Bonus: A Ukrainian friend gave me a pretty good rule of thumb.  If someone who doesn’t speak your language were to listen to your music, would they assume it was pop, country, or another worldly genre based on the sound?)

Living clean means I don’t hang all over my boyfriend and I save myself for marriage.  Living holy means I keep my hands to myself, PERIOD, I stay where people can see us, I give no occasion to the flesh to fulfil the lusts thereof.

Set your standards high, people.  When we stand before God’s judgment seat, we won’t have to say “I kept too far away from worldly things.”  We will have to answer for how close we got to the world’s sanding belt that wore off the edge to our effectiveness for God.

“Be ye holy, for I am holy.”  Are we truly seeking to be like Christ, or are we just trying to live cleaner than the world?



Rachel is a Bible college graduate and is currently in the “Twilight Zone” {she said it, not me!}  Here are some of Rachel’s definitions of the “Twilight Zone”:

  • The high school graduate who just wants to be a faithful layperson, but keeps finding himself too swamped with work, friends, and PS3 to stay very motivated for the Lord’s work.
  • The girl who finished Bible college but didn’t manage to land either a husband or an employer, so she’s “serving in her home church and awaiting God’s will for her life”.
  • The 20-something preacher boy who wants to serve God 100%, but he’s wasting time on a low-wage job just to tide him over til a church hires him.

Being raised in a pastor’s home, she knows the importance of living a holy life.  I got to know Rachel because she gives me piano lessons {did I forget to mention that she was an absolute boss on the piano?}  Rachel truly has a desire to serve the Lord!  She enjoys reading, Pinterest, argyle sweaters, and is addicted to coffee {sometimes I get worried ;)..}  Rachel has a Christian blog site of her own for people who are taking similar steps in life as she is.  Right now it has not been revealed, but whenever she is ready, I will post the link HERE.


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