A Few of My Favorite Things:

“Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens.” {Just kidding, I hate cats.}

So I’ve been wanting to do something like this for awhile, but really didn’t know how to format it or if posting it would even be worth it.  But, some girls have actually asked me questions such as what my favorite books are, and things like that.  So here are “A Few of My Favorite Things”: 

BOOKS – Well, this is a no-brainer.  Of course I would choose the Bible as my #1, but aside from that, I love reading biographies, mysteries, and history-based fiction books.  I treat my reading material the way I treat the movies and TV shows I watch– if it’s inappropriate, I don’t associate myself with it.  I love reading, as long as the book can keep my short attention span busy.

TV SHOWS/MOVIES – Is it bad that I’m a teenage girl and am obsessed with I Love Lucy?  Because I don’t think that’s bad.. the show is an all-time classic!  I’m a 19 Kids and Counting fan {hey, if they wanna have a boatload of kids, I don’t care as long as the government isn’t keeping them up!}  I’m really not a huge TV watcher, considering after awhile shows get old and there’s pretty much a homosexual in every fashion show.  As far as movies go, I could watch Fireproof a million times.  Courageous was also a big plus!  I enjoy watching a good, clean comedy that will make me laugh til my side hurts.

YOUTUBERS – I’m a YouTube freak.  Like, I could honestly waste hours upon hours watching YouTube videos.  I absolutely love Blimey Cow videos!  They post videos every Monday, and now that “Summer of Blimey Cow” has started, they do three videos every week!  Tim Hawkins is definitely another one of my top favorites– he could probably do the most serious thing ever, but still manage to make me laugh.  I’m also a big hair tutorial person, {because, as my little niece would say, I have hair like Rapunzel} so I normally check into the LuxyHair channels every once in awhile to check and see what hair tutorials they post.

BLOGGERS – I was never really into blogs before I started my own, but along the way I’ve found a few that I’m interested in.  Lauren DeMoss {thefulltimegirl.com} has some amazing posts for teen girls, and her brother, Richard {boldandunashamed.com}, has great posts for teen guys.  And, of course, Adam’s {theboldchristian.wordpress.com}

WEBSITES – I visit my social networks every day.  I also visit my church’s website occasionally since I am the main editor or whatever you may call it.  Oh, and theboldchristian.wordpress.com ;]

APPS – I was never a phone-game person until my house got WiFi.  Oh my goodness.. my latest addiction has become Candy Crush Saga and they’re lucky that they have a “life limit” after losing multiple times in a row.  Other than my social media apps, I play Candy Crush, Words with Friends, What’s the Phrase?, Temple Run 2, and I think that’s about it.

BRANDS/STORES – I love the grocery store.  Haha, but seriously, I like Kohl’s, Cato Fashion, Old Navy, and the average teenage girl clothing stores {Aeropostale, Hollister, etc.}  I love my Sperry’s, Coach bag, North Face jacket, and good ol’ regular Old Navy flip-flops– as I am obsessed with flip-flops.

As for now, that’ll be all :)  Didn’t see what you wanted to know on here?  That’s okay, just e-mail me at theproverbsgirlblog@gmail.com or go to ask.fm/theproverbsgirl :)


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