Hey, girls!  How’d the challenge last week go?  I hope you feel just as refreshed as I do.  One of the main reasons I thought of putting this challenge out was to not only help you all, but to hold myself accountable.  Sometimes we all get caught up in our habits (we are creatures of habit, after all) and forget about what’s important in life.  Fasting is a Biblical thing, and will help us with our walk with God.  Whether it be some sort of food, electronics, or anything else, it can be a struggle– but after awhile it almost seems as if that thing wasn’t even in your life in the first place, doesn’t it?  Almost as if we get back on track of how things are really supposed to go in life.  God has a special plan for each of us, and I hope you and I are not too involved in worldly pleasures to miss out on it.  I hope this past week was as good for you as it was me!  As of right now, I’m working on a pretty controversial subject to write about, so I am unsure of when my next post will be.  But I promise it’ll be soon!  Thanks for reading :)  don’t forget to share my blog, follow me on Twitter, and “like” me on Facebook so that the Word can be spread!  God bless ❤


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