Yeah.. we’ve all read something outrageously stupid like that, haven’t we?  They’re a bit scary too, aren’t they?  We’re haunted for the “next 7 minutes”, wondering if that creepy man with a hatchet is gonna come through the door or not, even though it is ridiculous to even think.  Well, I am not saying that a creepy man with a hatchet is gonna come after you, but I do have a little bit of what you may call a challenge now that you’re reading this.  There are no “close your eyes and make 3 wishes” situations in this challenge, so relax.  Here are 5 challenges for the next 7 days:

1.) 7 DAYS WITHOUT YOUR FAVORITE SOCIAL NETWORK: You’re already scared, aren’t you?  Can’t blame you.. this seems pretty intimidating to me also.  What’s your favorite?  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Kik, Pinterest, or whatever else exists in the media world?  What is that app that tempts you to turn your cell phone or computer on before you even read your Bible or thank God for waking you up that morning?  We’re human, we have temptations.  All I’m asking is that you refrain yourself from using that certain app for 7 little days.  Replace the time you’d be on it with Bible reading, prayer, etc.  I’ll do it too, so you’re not alone. :)

2.) 7 DAYS WITHOUT YOUR FAVORITE SWEET FOOD: Little Debbies, Cookie dough ice cream, Chocolate cake, oh my!  This will probably be the most difficult challenge of all for me.  Letting go of my Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers for an entire week is like starving my soul {okay, maybe not that bad.. but close!}  We as girls have a bit of a sweet tooth.. but we can do it.  Replace it with something to feed your spiritual side.  7 little days.

3.) WITNESS TO 7 DIFFERENT PEOPLE: How many people have you witnessed to in the last 2 weeks?  I’m not talking about sticking a Gospel tract/pamphlet in their mailbox or windshield wiper {although those things aren’t bad}.. I’m talking about face-to-face, heart-to-heart.  Don’t just tell them that you’re passionate about your faith, prove it.

4.) READ 7 CHAPTERS OF THE BOOK OF PSALMS: We sometimes get a little down, don’t we?  Instead of texting our BFF or venting on Twitter, how about reading a chapter out of Psalms?  Psalms is full of praise and worship towards our God.  It will lift our spirits, and give us a different perspective about our negative situation.

5.) TAKE A GOOD LOOK IN THE MIRROR: Both inwardly and outwardly, we need to look at ourselves.  Outwardly: Before you walk out the door, think to yourself– Would I be wearing this if I were to have Jesus directly by my side for everyone to see? Inwardly: Do a heart-check.  Look past your pointed finger and only judge someone by who they’re capable of being, not for who they were.  Everyone has potential.

There ya go.  That’s not that bad, is it?  7 days, 5 challenges.  Follow these challenges every day for the next week and I’ll check back with y’all next Monday.  I’ve tried it, and I can honestly say that it has helped my walk with God.  I feel closer, stronger, and more confident in God’s power and love.  Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to like, comment, and share– or else a creepy man with a hatchet will haunt you! << JOKES.  But seriously, please like, comment, and share.  Most of all, take part in this challenge. :) Thanks!


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