The Best is Yet to Come

So you’re going through the hardest trial you’ve ever faced in your entire life.  Whether it be heartbreak, a loved one’s death, or any other trial– It feels as if you can’t find your way back to where you once were.  Although there are a million other worse things you could have faced, it seems like nothing is as harsh as what has happened recently.  But trust me when I tell you this: The best is yet to come, and God has got this in control.  You may ask the question “Why would He put me through such a thing?”  I don’t know the answers to these questions.  But I do know that God has a way of doing things to where we can learn something from whatever we face.  It’s kind of like that quote that we hear a lot of parents say: Trust me now, and you’ll thank me later.  That is exactly what God is trying to get through to us– Trust God now, and we’ll thank Him later.

We may not see a big, bright sign that says “Welcome to the life of pure bliss”, even the Bible tells us that every Christian will face persecution during their lifetime.  But believe me when I tell you, God definitely  has an amazing plan for your life.  When we get to Heaven, whatever we have faced here will be totally worth it.  When John received inspiration from the Lord to write the book of Revelation, he said that he couldn’t even share the things that he saw because Heaven was so  magnificent.  PicMonkeyCollage0

But, even aside from Heaven, life will get better for you.  There’s always a rainbow after a storm.  So before you think that life is ridiculously hard right now, just calm down and take it easy.  Whatever you are going through, God sees it.  We can all be a little dramatic at times, but all-in-all, we know what’s really important deep inside.  Maybe God isn’t punishing you, maybe He is using your strength to help strengthen a young Christian who is watching you.  Don’t think that God is this big, bad dude who is there to give hell-fire and brimstone every time you make a mistake.  Although God is someone who will punish and give consequences, He loves us.  He is wanting so badly for us to see the big picture.  The picture of us in Heaven, singing praises, and giving our Savior honor and glory up in Heaven with our loved ones.

Before closing, I’d like to say that even though you might hear people say “Oh, suck it up!  I’ve gone through much worse.” don’t listen to them hardly any.  Aside from the dramatic overreactions, whatever you are facing now is extremely hard on you– The tears you have shed don’t come over nothing.  You’re truly going through a difficult time, and even though there are others who face more difficult challenges, what YOU are going through is hard for YOU.  We can’t compare our “16-year-old girl’s trials” to a “45-year-old woman’s trials”.. our life comes in steps, God designed it that way.

As I finish this up, please be assured that God is watching you.. He wants to see His children live for Him, no matter what is thrown at them.  Don’t give up, don’t lose hope– He is doing what’s best for you.  The best is yet to come.

“Trust Me now, and you’ll thank Me later.” – God


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