Holiness vs. Cleanliness {Guest Post}


Being holy is uncool.  Most Christians want to live clean, moral, God-fearing lives.  Just, don’t ask me to be holy, OK?  I might have to give up some stuff.

Living clean means I don’t watch trashy TV and movies.  Living holy means Continue reading


The Language of Music


We’ve all heard the infamous quote, “When words fail, music speaks”

Many say that music is a language that everyone can understand.  Not necessarily the art, but the lyrics.  In this day in age, you will not be able to find a teenager who does not like music.  Whether it be Christian, country, rap, or pop;  Music is everywhere.

So, what is “Godly” music?  In this post, I will answer this question for you Continue reading


The Third Wheel


So you’re a “third wheel”.

Society has really made this into a picture of someone who is by themselves while their friend is sitting their all over their girlfriend/boyfriend.  It is mostly– if not, always– looked at in a negative light.  It’s no secret that when everyone around you looks at something negatively, then it will be a negative thing towards you also.  Even though being a “third wheel” is really no fun, I wanted to try and get people to look at it from a different perspective.  I have a slightly different view. Continue reading